Glass blowing is a delicate, demanding and tricky art. Yet, it is one of the most unique, most beautiful, and most rewarding pastimes when mastered. It allows the artist to unleash their full inventiveness and skill to create stunning art that is beautiful, long lasting, and original. No matter what glasswork you’re looking to create glass blowing is how you achieve it.

Best Glass Blowing Artists In the World

Famous Gaffers the World Over… Today’s focus is the best glass blowing artists in the world, and while there are 100s of talented gaffers in the world we will only mention a small number of them as a means for the glass blowing enthusiast to be introduced to the many styles and techniques that these […]

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Scientific Glass Blowing

While just a glass blowing technique at its core, scientific glass blowing is more of a specialty field than a technique as it’s mainly used to create lab equipment (test tubes, graded cylinders, beakers, etc.) and other tools for medical, engineering and scientific research. Ingredients And Equipment Scientific glass blowing combines traditional glass casting with […]

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