About Us
Glass blowing is a delicate, demanding and tricky art. Yet, it is one of the most unique, most beautiful, and most rewarding pastimes when mastered. It allows the artist to unleash their full inventiveness and skill to create stunning art that is beautiful, long lasting, and original. No matter what glasswork you’re looking to create glass blowing is how you achieve it.

About Us

Glass blowing is beautiful. We love everything about it and and we want to share our passion with everyone. That’s the goal of our website.

No matter if you’re just starting out with this lovely art but don’t know how to tackle it successfully, or you are pondering whether or not glassblowing is for you this is the best place to help you decide. Here at LearnGlassBlowing.com we offer only the best help and guidance to our valued members.

Feel free to browse through the entire website for an overview of what this art entails, then make sure you put into practice what you’ve learned. Also, don’t forget to check out our comprehensive guide to glass blowing that we’ve put together to help you get started with this beautiful art. It comes jam-packed with glassblowing principles, in-depth explanations of the lingo and what each tool does, several beginner techniques to help you blow glass without taking a single class, safety measures you need to be aware of when performing this art at home, FAQs and more.

Again, glass blowing is a stunning art (probably the most beautiful, and most precise art we’ve seen), but it’s also very demanding. So it’s not for everyone. With the knowledge we put at your disposal, however, and with a basic understanding of the rules you can easily create glass art from home. Give it a try!