© www.learnglassblowing.com                       webmaster@learnglassblowing.com  Includes custom hand drawings for step-by-step sequence to complete each lesson plan.  Includes photos of the lesson while in-progress and finished art. learnglassblowing.com INSTRUCTION MANUAL  This manual is the second edition of published techniques to enable one to get started in  working glass in the flame.  The processes described in the text duplicate many of the  movements of the “tank glassblowing”, where the molten glass is picked up from a tank of glass  heated to the liquid state.  Working with glass tubing and rod in a gas and oxygen flame  provides localized heat, and with limitations, produces figures exactly like the figures possible  with working glass from the tank, without the need of large amounts of fuel.  One can set up a  work bench in practically any space. Be it a basement, a garage, a fair or an art show, and you  can fashion truly hand make “objects of art”.  The possibilities are limitless, whether you want to  express your fantasies, perhaps turn your fantasies into sell-able items, or just enjoy seeing the  magic of beautiful shapes emerge from raw glass.  This manual and accompanying Cd’s will  give you the “know how” of techniques a master glassblower accumulated in over 60 years  over the flame.    The three generations of Wheelers have pursued their craft producing laboratory glassware as  well as teaching and training graduate students in Universities and managing Corporate Glass  Shops in research and production. As an aside, though, we have also enlarged on our  techniques by producing artistic glassware to sell at gift shops, county fairs, art shows, and mail order businesses.  Sometimes hidden, though, in all of us, is an artistic gene, and working with  glass gives us a chance to express it.  There are many books on making laboratory glassware,  but I take you through nitty-gritty of making simple glass artistic forms in the flame with a bare  minimum of equipment. This book and videos gives you a start on the wealth of techniques I  have gathered over the years.