© www.learnglassblowing.com                       webmaster@learnglassblowing.com  learnglassblowing.com Glass Working Fixtures Available From learnglassblowing.com Bottle Scribe Fixture Click to enlarge photos. Use the Bottle Scribe Fixture to accurately scribe a line on beer and wine bottles. To successfully cut and fire polish beer and wine bottles to make drinking glasses, a straight, even scribed line must be applied to the bottle. This fixture will scribe any size cylindrical bottle from the smallest buffet beer bottles to large diameter wine and champagne bottles. The scriber uses a flat glass scribing tool that is available at any local hardware store. Made from good quality wood (no particleboard) and hinge, these fixtures will last a lifetime.   Bottle Holder Chuck for Turntable Rotation Click to enlarge photo. Use the Bottle Holder Chuck to securely hold beer and wine bottles as they  rotate on the turntable lathe. To securely hold and center each bottle on the turntable, this chuck will do the job. Made from quality wood, it perfectly centers the bottle while rotating on the turntable to accomplish the flame cracking, fire polishing the cut edge, and flame annealing each finished drinking glass.   Phonograph Turntable for Glass Rotation Click to enlarge photo. Using a Phonograph Turntable to rotate the glass bottles.  You will need to scout out your local Thrift store or Goodwill to find an old phonograph turntable.  Since phonograph records are becoming ancient technology, the turntables can be found for  less than $10.00 at a thrift store.   It is required that you disassemble the turntable and remove the center spindle. The procedure  for removing the spindle is different on different makes and models so specific instruction is not possible. The spindle is either screwed-on or clipped in some way or the other. If all else fails,  use a hack saw to cut the spindle.   Assembled Bottle Scribe Fixture Assembled Bottle Holder Chuck $29.95 + $10.95 Shipping $19.95 + $10.95 Shipping