© www.learnglassblowing.com                       webmaster@learnglassblowing.com  learnglassblowing.com Glassblowing is a family tradition in the Wheeler family with a combined 127 years of  experience.   Joe began his career in 1946 at Blaesig glassblowing and has worked at the University of  Arkansas, Purdue University, Dow Chemical, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the  University of Hawaii, Litton Electro-optics, and Hughes Electro-optics. He is currently  retired and would very much like to share his skills in glassblowing.   Mike began his glassblowing career at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he  served a four year apprenticeship with his father, Joe. In 1974 he took the glassblowing  position at Arizona State University and worked there until retirement in 2004. Mike taught  a credit course in scientific glassblowing for graduate students in Chemistry.   Christi began her career in the glassblowing facility at Arizona State University in 1990 and  served a four year apprentice training program with her father, Mike. Currently, Christi is in  charge of glassblowing operations at ASU and teaches a credit course in scientific  glassblowing.. Despite their scientific glassblowing background, all three have always been interested in  artistic glassblowing projects. Glass is an amazing material that has endless possibilities  for creating beautiful art. Join us!  Click here to see a five minute video of the Wheelers three generations of glassblowing.